PaChaNa Studio

By Komol Kongcharoen

PaChaNa Studio has been established since 2005. All ceramics are uniquely handmade.The studio creates practical designs with good quality and safety which make the work full of functions and aesthetics.

Gold Dust



“Klad” or “Pinned” - the Nothern Thai eatery collection is inspired by the traditional way that Thai people serve their meals in bowls  in bowls made with banana leaf that is “pinned” with bamboo sticks on each corner. Featuring three ‘banana and bamboo  pinned’ bowls and one tray in each set, the “Klad” collection represents the abundance of Thai local food and its deep connection with nature.

Gold Dust 2018 collection presents the earthwares in dark color with the contrast of bright sparkles of gold color, reminiscent of the moon light over the dark sea at night. The sophicated-looking bowls were finished with earthy glazing and sintered at very high temperature for the shiny look.


Dimension 2017 is the artist's masterpiece of the year. The Dimension cups are formed in the shape of hexagons with rustic edges and texture that playfully interact with light and shadow. The geometrical structure of the cup also matches with the rectangular handle.

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191 M.5 Suthep Sup-District, Muang,
Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Contact Number: +66 817115007

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