Joint 2017: Frolickers’ Teasets is the artful collection of free-form teacups and teapots. The artist employs wooden dowel joint on the handle; introducing the rustic yet playful wood element to each piece. This collection builds upon the artist’s work in 2011.

Peel: Pastel collections

Showcases the beauty of scratching marks. The dramatic scratching is purposely created by using many types of tools and is contrasted with clean and soft undertones of pastel colors. This collection feature a wide range of ware, including cups, pitchers, teapots, coffee drippers and flower vases.

Prism - Lone flower pot collection

2017 Mimicks the shapes of fruits. The uneven surface of the flowerpot also takes after the natural peel of fruits. This ‘Prism’ surface plays along with the light, lending different shades and hues to the pot.

Animal Plant Pot

True to the artist’s aesthetic in 2013, the Animal Plant Pot collection features small vases and flower pots shaped in lovely animal figures. This piece is specialised with unique finishing of the surface and shaved edges around the figurines. Available in beautiful pastel colors, these are easily loveable home decors.

Hidden in the mist

The hidden in the mist 2014 collection arises from the artist’s prototype work in 2011. It features different potteries which are characterized by pastel colors. The artist introduced the white color to the paint and the use of smudging techniques which give them the details which are described as ‘Misty’ the soft and blurry nature of the paint and decoration as ‘Misty’ the soft and blurry nature of the paint and decoration is inspired by natural scenery and landscapes.

Indigo Collection

The indigo collection 2013 showcases beautiful tablewares in an incredible shades of indigo. The glazing technique provides the rustic charms & unique detailing. Fired at high temperature, these tablewares are one of the artist’s best work in 2013.


Warm 2016 features teacups that are ergonomically designed to fit your hand while holding it. This special design of the handle allows your hand to be gently warmed by the hot drinks you enjoy when the weather gets chilly.